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Your reliable partner in the field of traffic management since 2005.

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Who we are?

KiirWarren.KL OÜ is a construction company that started manufacturing traffic signs in 2005.

Over the years, our activities have continued to expand, and today we are one of the leading companies in the field and, together with other companies in our group, we are able to offer all services related to infrastructure construction.

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We stick to our agreements and believe that our broad portfolio of services makes life easier for every customer and general contractor. You can find information about the work we have done and the services we offer on this page!

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What we do?

Our services

Traffic signs

Production of traffic signs and installation
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Production of bumpers
and installation

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Road surface marking

Marking works in color, thermo-
and with cold plastic

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Noise Walls

Production of noise walls
and installation

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Concrete elements

Production of concrete elements
and installation

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Traffic lights

Sale of traffic light systems
and installation

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Steel carriers

Production of steel carriers
and installation

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Traffic management during construction

Traffic management during construction

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Lifting works

Lifting and transport work
with truck cranes

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Custom products and services

Production of specially designed products

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What project we've done?

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